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Топ CROSSROAD leo yellow

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Размерная сетка

The CROSSROAD NIKA kit has a number of distinctive characteristics:

- Functionality. The elastic fabric stretches well, it will be comfortable for you to move, the set does not restrict movement.

- Control of moisture removal and air circulation. When the body sweats, the material allows moisture to evaporate quickly and does not provoke hypothermia.

- Delicacy. Due to the use of very thin nylon threads and cover-stitching equipment, the seams in the product are practically not felt and do not rub.

- Ergonomics. High waist belt perfectly supports the waist preventing leggings from slipping. They are tightly fixed on the lower back, following the contours of the body, do not crush or cut into the skin. The top consists of three layers of fabric: outer, inner mesh and leather-side lining. Each of them performs a specific function to achieve maximum comfort for you.

-   Design. The top has an open back with a cross-weave, after which the model was named (“crossroad”)

- Durability. We use European certified materials with good wear resistance. The threads with which the kit is stitched have a strong nylon base - therefore they can withstand very high power loads.

Materials and technologies used:

- sports fabrics based on SPANDEX using CoolMax technology

- very strong, and at the same time, super-thin nylon threads of European brands Coats, Alterfil, Aman.

- coverstitch equipment FlatLoc.

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Топ CROSSROAD leo yellow
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